An hour before the application process should have been launched also for the employers whose revenues dropped due to the declared emergency situation, changes to the government support system have been announced (once again).

Major changes aimed for large employers (initially notified over 250 employees) are as follows:

  • the contribution limit for the employers who were forced to shut down their operations based on the measures of the Slovak Public Health Authority increased from EUR 200, 000 per month to EUR 800, 000 in total
  • employers whose revenues dropped can apply for contributions as of 13 April 2020
  • it is not confirmed whether the initial limit of EUR 800, 000 will be raised or lifted altogether.

Additionally, also following measures have been announced:

  • employers who were forced to shut down their operations do not have to pay employer's contribution for April 2020
  • at the same time, these employers are entitled to the government support even if they did not pay the employer's contribution in February 2020

Other measures, as well as more details on the above-mentioned changes, are to be introduced after Easter.

The answer to the question of whether the so-called “Kurzarbeit” will be introduced and if so, since when and in what form remains unclear.