Last week, our law firm, represented by partners Dajana Csongrádyová and Dušan Nitschneider, participated in the annual congress of the global alliance of Ius Laboris firms specialising in employment law, which took place this year in Berlin. In addition to the professional content, after a long period of time, we finally had the opportunity to meet our colleagues from all over the world and to pass on not only our professional experience, but also to talk about the future in our legal area.

During the busy three days of the congress, we attended interesting workshops, for example workshop on key employment law issues in M&A projects, led by Dr. Burkard Göpfert from the German law firm KLIEMT.Arbeitsrecht and Ms. Lee Nair from the British law firm Lewis Silkin. Equally interesting was the main program with a lecture by Steven Van Belleghem titled “The offer you can't refused”, during which we learned valuable information about the needs of the customer and the guiding principles for the successful business in the next decade.

The organisers have also included an interesting competition in innovation in law. Selected Alliance offices presented their improvements and innovations that helped them to overcome the pandemic period more easily, but also proved to be effective tools for collaborating with clients in the future. The winner was the Immigration Law Tool, which will allow the users to manage more easily, for example, the hiring of a new employee from a third country or other immigration issues and easily connect users with a lawyer in the desired country within the Ius Laboris Alliance.

We closed the Congress with a gala evening in the spirit of “Green is the new black”, which we managed perfectly wearing green dresses and ties.

The Congress has brought us refreshment and enthusiasm to our work, as well as gratitude for being able to be a member of this Alliance bringing together the best employment lawyers across the world.