The Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance has just announced the publication of the second edition of Sweepstakes & Contests: A Global Legal Perspective, which is the definitive guide to conducting sweepstakes and contests in more than 70 countries around the world, including Slovakia.

Organized by country, each chapter summarizes how sweepstakes and contests are regulated in that country, providing detailed information on country-specific rules, filing requirements, prizes, tax liabilities, and important cases.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon.  In addition, pdf versions of the book are available for free by contacting GALA or any GALA member.  

GALA offers a unique library of guides to advertising around the world.  The GALA library includes Advertising Law: A Global Legal Perspective, Ambush Marketing: A Global Legal Perspective, Privacy Law: A Global Legal Perspective on Data Protection Relating to Advertising and Marketing, and Social Media: A Global Legal Perspective.

Our Advertising & Media team at NITSCHNEIDER & PARTNERS regularly contributes to GALA publications and is a co-author of the above mentioned books, including the latest Sweepstakes & Contests: A Global Legal Perspective.